Company Profile

Here at Sentio, we are ready to help you make the most of your property. Whether it be a Hotel, Resort, Condominium, Apartment or Home. What makes us unique is our ability to listen to your vision and create a living space with your guidance at the forefront of all decision making. From simply adding a few pieces of furniture, or designing a new interior space, to landscaping – we deliver.

“Sentio” is derived from the Latin word meaning “desire” which is a key factor in our world today, driving and developing our world onwards & upwards to new heights.

Furthermore “Sentio” sounds similar to “Sent to” which we like, as our company is committed to being known to deliver ‘quality checked’ products to our respective clients on time.

Our cooperate identity color is orange. Representing the orangey dusk and dawn shades seen during sunrise & sunset. Mother nature’s bright beginnings & soothing retreats that keep us going.